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  1. gekkoca says:

    Curious …Billions of people on the planet share a similar metaphor at the highest level of meaning Aka purpose in life which may determine their map ,beliefs and behaviors (coping mechanisms) If this is quite important in the big picture of things then why not go for this as the biggest granddaddy Metaphor resource of all? Why not ask… “Whats the meaning or purpose of life like”? Is it not a higher “Frame Game” Even if one as a MOM practitioner may personally not buy into the Religious Metaphor?

  2. Sceleta Downing says:

    This video is so timely! This past weekend, I completed a practice session for a peer and mentor review. I used the MoM process! Thankfully I have had one session with Andy, as it helped me to feel confident in the session how-to’s.
    The only little of bit of initial client chat was related to required paperwork of the US state I live in – very quick; and in the future I will be using an online option for the client to complete, so I should be able to keep it short and not give a lot of openings to the client to go in the narrative/story direction.
    Then I asked my client: “Why are we here?” And *luckily for me* he immediately responded with a metaphor “I’m stuck on a fence”…and then I was able to go right into the MoM process.
    Video quote: “[Rapport building] A little bit more pushy”, this is where the feedback of my sample session went off the rails. I was advised that if I had given the client more time to settle and really consider what I was asking them, that they would have experienced a more profound or change work experience. I tried to explain that my goal was to keep the client as far from cerebral/thoughtful as possible and more on the right side of the brain-not second guessing their responses. The feedback was still that I could have given the client more time to process during the session and that is not what I’m learning from this video. SO, I’m very thankful for this video!
    ? – I was also advised that after we go through the MoM process, wouldn’t it have been nice if I then moved the client to the hypnosis chair and took them through a hypnosis process. Since Andy did not do this in my session, I felt confident it was ok that I did not. But, should I?

  3. Alan Phillips says:

    In a casual chat with a friend they actually said “They were in a pit”
    I asked their coping strategy (so what do you do) She just sits there and plays on phone

    We walked along that road and I fed back her coping strategy and she bloody laughed out loud and said she was so stupid

    weeks later said she has had a small change that has built and built

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