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  1. Ivan Petarnichki says:

    Hi Andrew! I did not receive an manual after I paid for the MoM online course. You refer many times to a manual in your comments. Would you be so kind to send it to me.
    Also the videos and posts seems to be quite outdated.
    Is there any more recent information of new developments in the MoM delivery?

    Thank you in advance!

    • andrewaustin says:

      Hi Ivan – the manual is now at the top of the navigation menu to the right. There are updates throughout the program, so I’m not sure what you are comparing this to in order to consider it outdated.

  2. meir klein says:

    in Exercise – “Walking a Tightrope.”
    The video stop at 4.57 min! (html5: video not properly encoded).
    Please repair it.

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